Timeline to Get Used to 760 Area Code Overlay

We now have two months to get ready for changes under the new area code overlay.760.jpg

You may remember that the Public Utilities Commission finally decided in favor of an area code overlay which ultimately requires us to dial 10 digits every time we make a phone call, even locally. The PUC basically decided there are too many people in the 760 area code, so later this year new phone numbers will use the 442 area code. Those of us with 760 will keep that number.

We have recently received calls from Inyo-Mono residents who wanted to know when they have to start dialing all the numbers.

According to the PUC, permissive dialing starts May 2nd – that means you can start to dial ten digits. Of course, who wants to? The PUC says its a time to get used to dialing so many more numbers. Then, October 24th, mandatory ten digit dialing starts. November 21 of this year, the new 442 area code becomes effective.

So, we have a little time to get used to the new way of dialing all those numbers and even longer to anticipate the 442 area code overlay in Inyo-Mono.

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