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Eastern Sierra News for June 24, 2024





Mammoth Police put the cuffs on three women at last week's end – all three face charges that range from stolen credit cards to conspiracy and burglary.

Police Officers reported that two of the women live in Mammoth and the third in Bakersfield. Police allege that all three entered a Mammoth clothing story to try to purchase $600 in merchandise with stolen personal checks and stolen credit card numbers. Sa._montanez_one.jpgtore clerks became suspicious since, police said, none of the names on the checks matched and some of them appeared to have been altered.

Officers said the three suspects only had credit card numbers, not the cards themselves. Store employees called police who arrested 32 year old Anna Marie Montanez of Mammoth at the store. She was charged with possession and attempted use of stolen and altered checks, stolen credit card numbers and stolen identifying information belonging to another person.

ronda_auxier.jpg Police later arrested 45 year old Rhonda Leigh Auxier of Bakersfield on outstanding Kern County warrants plus charges of burglary, conspiracy, possession of stolen property, possession of forged checks and a parole violation.

The third woman, 37 year old Ladona Marie Salque of Mammoth Lakes was arrested on possession of stolen property, conspiracy, burglary and a parole violation.ladonna_saulque.jpg

The three were booked at the Mono County Jail in Bridgeport.