Three Big Pine Teens Involved in Car Wreck

Three Big Pine teen-agers survived a frightening wreck that reportedly sent one of them to a hospital in Reno.

According to the Highway Patrol, it was Sunday night when a Big Pine teenaged boy was at the wheel of a Mercury Sable, southbound on County Road 4 miles south of Keough’s Hot Springs.

The CHP said that the boy entered a sharp left curve at a high rate of speed, lost control and overturned off the roadway.

The boy was apparently not injured but one of the two teen-aged girls with him did receive major injuries. The CHP said Symons Ambulance rushed her to Northern Inyo Hospital and then reportedly to Reno.

The other girl received minor injuries. Big Pine ambulance drove her to Northern Inyo Hospital for treatment. The officer said it appears neither drugs nor alcohol was involved, but the investigation continues.

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