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Governor signs SB 1148

At the end of August the California Legislature passed Senate Bill 1148. Governor Brown has now signed that bill which trout hatchery supporters say will hurt the planted trout programs and boost wild trout issues. According to former Mono County State Senator Dave Cogdill, the Governor signed the bill and line item vetoed the $1 […]

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Push to veto SB 1148

Inyo and Mono County governments and former Mono Senator Dave Cogdill will not give up the fight to defeat Sentae Bill 1148. Cogdill, an experienced legislator who fought to protect hatcheries and fishing, created Assembly Bill 7 to do the job. He says Fish and Game has never tried to follow that law and should […]

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SB 1148 passes Senate and Assembly; impacts remain murky

The controversial Senate Bill 1148 which spells out Fish and Game duties toward trout passed both the State Senate and Assembly last Friday. Views on the repercussions of this new law remain at odds. The bill has gone to the Governor’s desk for his signature. Former Mono County Senator Dave Cogdill, who grew up in […]

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SB 1148 approaches a vote

Trout hatcheries proponent, former Mono Senator Dave Cogdill, issued an email on Thursday to say he believes “barring a miracle, Senate Bill 1148 will pass the legislature, and I’m confident the Governor will sign it,” said the former Senator. Cogdill thinks the “environmental community will be in charge of trout hatcheries.” The organization CalTrout thinks […]

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