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Been “Catfished?” Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Occasionally here at Sierra Wave News, we try to keep you informed on robocalls, fake email messages and other online scams. This one, being ‘Catfished,” is not the same as being “Phished” (pronounced “Fished”), although both target unsuspecting men and women. It may be called “catfishing” but basically, it is just another way to steal […]

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Unknown number calling in the middle of the night. Phone call fr

Does ignoring Robocalls make them stop?

Does ignoring robocalls make them stop? Here’s what we learned from getting 1.5 million calls on 66,000 phone lines New research aims to give phone companies tools to help curb robocalls. Peter Dazeley/The Image Bank via Getty Images Sathvik Prasad, North Carolina State University and Bradley Reaves, North Carolina State University The Research Brief is […]

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