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Letter to the editor: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

Submitted by Daniel Pritchett of Bishop I recently compared DWP’s announcement of its decision to abandon Owens Lake Master Plan negotiations to a “Dear John” letter ending a relationship.  I also posed the rhetorical question of whether the jilted parties (local environmental groups and agencies) would learn from the experience to be more skeptical of […]

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Letter to the editor: The real facts on LADWP

April 7, 2013 Nancy Masters P.O. Box 478 Independence, CA  93526 Dear Citizens of Inyo County, On April 2, 2013 Mr. Martin Adams of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power addressed the Inyo County Board of Supervisors about the Owens Lake Master Plan, which was a collaborative process that had been underway for […]

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Letter to the editor: “Love ’em and leave ’em”

Love ’em and Leave ’em by Daniel Pritchett, Bishop Los Angeles’ conquest of Owens Valley was famously compared to rape by Morrow Mayo in 1932. In 2006, LA Water and Power Commissioner Mary Nichols compared the Owens Valley-LA relationship to a troubled marriage. I suggest “seduction” is the best way to understand Owens Lake Master […]

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