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‘Walking Water’ event reaches Bishop

By Deb Murphy After two weeks of walking, from Saddleback Lake to the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Cultural Center, roughly two dozen hearty souls and their mission, elevating awareness of water issues both globally and in California, were hosted to a meal and a panel discussion Thursday evening. Activists from Europe to South Africa as well […]

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Harry Williams

Another view of the Owens River

By Deb Murphy Harry Williams looks at the Owens River with different eyes. Nobody ever told his people that “man has dominion over all the earth.” The relationship between Native Americans and the world they live in is familial. “If we don’t take care of Mother Earth,” he said in a telephone interview yesterday, “she […]

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Water talk

(Public Service Announcement) The Metabolic Studio is hosting 100 Conversations About Water during this centenary of the LA Aqueduct. Conversation Number 11: Historical and Contemporary Water Issues in Owens Valley Native Communities, with Alan Bacock ,Kathy Bancroft, Jeremiah Joseph, and Harry Williams.  At the Metabolic Studio IOU Garden in Lone Pine,  Saturday,  April 27, at […]

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Afternoon at the museum

To those who see the damage still done by Department of Water and Power pumps, who know of heavy-handed land dealings, not enough water for ranchers, and fear of what feels like colonial power, a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Los Angeles Aqueduct at the museum in Independence seemed in poor taste. But […]

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