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Eight candidates for Mammoth Town Council

At a few minutes before 5pm yesterday, right before the deadline, there were eight candidates who had filed to run for three seats on the Mammoth Town Council. Colin Fernie and Shields Richardson filed their papers which they took out last week, and one more candidate came in on the final day to pull papers […]

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Candidate list takes a jump

UPDATE:  Deb Pierrel filed her candidacy papers Thursday. The list of Mammoth Town Council candidates or potential candidates has taken a leap forward. Added to the five people who had pulled papers to run are now three more, and one of the eight has now officially filed his candidate’s papers. John Wentworth, Director of the […]

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Yet another Council candidate potential

The fifth potential candidate for Mammoth Town Council has pulled candidacy papers. Elena Blomgren is the latest possible candidate. All we know about her is that she has performed temporary services for the Town of Mammoth Lakes as a permit tech and on Measure R calculations. We hope to learn more about her. Before Blomgren, […]

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Town of Mammoth: candidate comes forward

The last election on the Mammoth Town Council came at a time when Town Government looked bleak and burdensome. Two candidates ran for two spots. No one else wanted to step forward in a painful situation. This time around, three seats are up for election and things look better. One candidate has already declared. Nomination […]

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