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LA Mayor Garcetti

Mono County, LA waging paper war

By Deb Murphy In mid-April, Mono County asked for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s help to ensure adequate irrigation water for grazing leases in Southern Mono. Garcetti, basically, blew the Board of Supervisors off, referring them, in the future, to the LADWP Board of Commissioners’ head Mel Levine. Mono Supervisor Fred Stump called the response […]

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City of LA and LADWP reassure Inyo County

By Deb Murphy Whatever disconnect popped up between Inyo County and the City of Los Angeles over the City’s emergency declaration and the department’s commitment to work with Inyo to prevent flood damage during this year’s unprecedented runoff popped back down last Friday. Following a special closed session meeting of the Board of Supervisors, LADWP’s […]

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Gifts and elected officials

In Los Angeles, the City Council has taken some criticism for refusal to limit their receipt of gifts. Instead, the southland Council wants to raise the top limit of each gift they can claim. In the Eastern Sierra, attorneys for our elected officials say their clients follow the Fair Political Practices Commission rules. In the […]

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Letter to the Editor: Strong support for Ted Schade

Editor, Strong Support for Ted Schade I for one refuse to stand by and not support Ted Schade, our Great Basin Unified Air Pollution Control officer, and my friend, who is currently under attack by the City of Los Angeles. Ted is tirelessly working to ensure public health in the Eastern Sierra and to enforce […]

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Mammoth organizes outreach to LA officials on water fight

So mystified by what some have called the “bizarre attack” by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power on Mammoth’s water rights, officials have begun to organize an appeal to LA’s mayor and other officials to seek a peaceful resolution and forget the lawsuits. When Mammoth Community Water District Manager Greg Norby spoke to […]

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