Suspected DUI, vehicle crash and power outages

(Bishop Police Department Press Release)

On Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 7:02pm, a Bishop Police Officer responded to a report of a wrong way driver on South Main Street, driving northbound from Jay Street. Dispatch then advised the vehicle was reported to be in the area of East Line Street near Main  Street, where the vehicle was stopped and a subject was slumped over the steering wheel. Officers were able to locate the vehicle driving eastbound on East Line Street near South Third Street.

Officers witnessed the vehicle drive on and off the sidewalk and then into a power pole, causing the power pole and attached lines to fall across East Line Street. Officers saw a large explosion on the corner of South Third Street, caused by the downed power lines.  The area was protected from all traffic; East Line Street as well as Moffett Street were blocked off.

The Bishop Volunteer Fire Department and Symons Ambulance were dispatched to the accident. The fire department was able to
determine the vehicle was not energized by the downed power lines, therefore; the ambulance was able to attend to the driver of the vehicle, who was 42-year-old Alan Aric Williams of Bishop.

Power was out from East Line Street, Moffett Street as well as some reported areas on Johnston Drive for several hours. The
Department of Water and Power sent crews to repair the downed power lines and to restore power. At this time, some areas are still without power.

The California Highway Patrol also responded to the scene to assist, and as a courtesy, took the criminal investigation report for the Bishop Police Department.

Alan Aric Williams was transported to Northern Inyo Hospital with minor injuries and then transported to the Inyo County Jail by The California Highway Patrol. Williams is currently awaiting arraignment on 23152(A) (B) VC-Driving Under the Influence and a local warrant from Inyo County.

K. Coffman
Public Information Officer

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ferdinand lopez
ferdinand lopez
11 years ago

if he was driving a 2013 honda accord with lane departure warning,all those people in bishop wouldnt have had to reset their clocks

11 years ago

Wow that’s out of left field ! Who cares about what kind of car he was driving…he would still be a intoxicated driver putting EVERYONE in danger. And how much do you want to bet those warrants he had were from drunk driving. I hope he NEVER gets behind the… Read more »