‘Spirit of Giving Week’ in Mammoth Lakes

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Expanding on last year’s community wide food, toy and clothing drive, the Mammoth Lakes Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department, the Village at Mammoth and community stakeholders are launching the “Spirit of Giving Week”.  The week is themed to remind people that the Holidays are all about giving, not receiving.

MM Xmas tree lighting

The “Spirit of Giving Week” began Friday, November 27 with the Town of Mammoth Lakes Tree Lighting Ceremony in the Village at Mammoth and concludes on Friday December 4th in the Footloose parking lot with the return of the Ullr Festival.

During the week, we ask the community to donate toys at the Mammoth Fun Shop that will be forwarded to the Angel Giving Tree.  The Fun Shop will be offering a 30% discount on any toy purchased as a donation and 10% off any personal purchase after that.

Thursday, December 1 is the “Nationwide Giving Tuesday” where we ask the community to give to a local charity.  Go to www.mammothlakeschamber.org and click on the “Spiritof Giving” logo for a list of local charities.

On Thursday, December 3rd, restaurants throughout town will be donating 10% of their receipts to local charities.  Again, click on the “Spirit of Giving” logo for a list ofparticipating restaurants.

On Friday, December 4th, volunteers will be stationed in the Footloose parking lot fromnoon to 5pm to collect your donations of toys, warm clothing and non-perishable food.  All donations will be distributed to local charities such as IMACA, the Giving Tree and Wild Iris.

Also on Friday the 4th, you can pick up holiday treats from members of the Old Mammoth Restaurant Row from 3 to 5pm.

To finish off the “Spirit of Giving Week”, Join us in the Footloose parking lot for the Ullr Fest, a celebration to the Winter Queen and King to pray for snow.  There will be a bonfire, concessions, and family fun.

Please join us in the Spirit of Giving this holiday season.  For more information, call 760-934-2712.


Mammoth Fun Shop will happily be serving as a donation drop off point for the Angel Giving Tree gift program coordinated by Carolyn.
As a business located at 3163 Main Street, open 10-8 every day, we are a convenient drop off location.  As our coffers fill, we will off-load the items to the Fire Department inside the extra space they have graciously offered to contribute.
Mammoth Fun Shop will joyfully offer 30% off any item that is purchased on site and subsequently left in the Angel Giving Tree box.
This item may or may not be associated with a specific card.  Last year, most of the giving that took place within our shop environment was NOT associated with an actual card but was instead, spontaneous giving on the spot based on our educating the shoppers within the store.  Carolyn was able to pad the donations of other people with these unexpected gifts.
– Mammoth Fun Shop will also offer 10% off the remainder of the items purchased on the same ticket as the donation item purchased.
Brant and I are blessed to live in a safe town filled with loving and generous people and we’re glad to be a part of this program benefitting our local community.  Thanks to everyone involved!
Camille Miller
Mammoth Fun Shop

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