Ski Area Reassessment Still Undone

The issue of reassessing Mammoth Mountain Ski Area after the sale to Starwood still takes up time and energy at the Mono County courthouse.

This issue ties into the Supervisors concerns about Assessor Jim Lovett, and they also want to make sure the County gets additional revenue.

In correspondence to the Board, MMSA attorney David Baumwohl addressed the ongoing issue of the reassessment of Mammoth Mountain after the 2005 sale to Starwood.

Baumwohl wrote that MMSA has “compiled all of the information, and is ready to produce the same,” and contends the Mountain has already utilized staff time to collect the data and that “there is no benefit to MMSA to delay production.”

When the County files the escaped assessment after the reassessment finally occurs, there will be no penalties or interest added to the bill, estimated at over $6 million over the past three years.

Baumwohl suggests in the letter that the delay has been caused by the County, who has failed to address the Mountain’s concerns with confidentiality, provided under California law.

County Counsel Marshall Rudolph respectfully disagreed with the Mountain’s legal position, and explained to the Board that the current contract in question has “all the confidentiality language required by law.” Rudolph explained these are legal differences of opinion, which may go before a court to decide.

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