Newly elected Assessor Jody Henning has wasted no time in pursuing the re-assessment of Mammoth Mountain Ski Area. Henning said on Tuesday that she believes the ski area will make it onto this year's tax roll.mmsa_opening_day.jpg

Six months ago, the Supervisors were told the assessment would not be completed until August, not in time for this year's roll. Henning, who began her work a month ago, immediately requested an extension on the delivery of the tax roll from the State Board of Equalization, and has clearly made up ground on the appraisal, which is now due in the middle of this month.

Henning expects the roll will be delivered July 21st, and notwithstanding any unforeseen failures in her plan, the ski area should actually be on this year's tax roll. The contractor who has been working on the appraisal for months is expected in the region during the middle of July, when Henning will sit with him, representatives from the ski area and the County's tax attorney Brett Price.

This should come as good news to all the taxing districts in the county, who have been waiting since 1995 to see any benefits from the $360 million sale of the mountain.

Director of Finance Brian Muir warns that those districts should not expect a boon this year, however, as he will be making a "conservative" distribution of the funds pending the nearly certain appeal process. Muir said he would not want to distribute funds only to have to rescind them later.

The taxes, however, will have to be paid up front to the county and will begin accruing interest at that time.

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