Reports of Burglary and Stabbing Lead to Mother-Son Arrests

A burglary investigation, interrupted by a stabbing, were related crimes in Mammoth.

Mammoth Police report that on Friday, officers were called out to a local gas station to talk to a victim of a burglary. The victim reported that he had been partying at his home with friends the night before and woke up to find several items were missing. The victim then called the police and told officers who he thought might have taken the items.

While following up on the burglary case, police report that they received another call for a stabbing that had just occurred. Officers said that they arrived at the location of the reported stabbing within a minute. They found the victim, 24 year old Mammoth resident Sean Francis Wanamaker, and the suspect in the stabbing, his mother 53 year old Heather Mary Baldwin. After further investigations, officers report that the victim had been stabbed by his mother after an argument.

While investigating the stabbing, officers said that the mother told them that her son had brought stolen property to the residence. The property matched the description of the property that had earlier been reported stolen by the original victim, who had partied with Wanamaker the night before.

MLPD reports that officers recovered stolen snowboards, bindings, boots, cameras, and cash that added up to $1450 in value. Police said that the investigation continues in the hope of recovering more stolen property.

Heather Baldwin was arrested for Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Sean Wanamaker was arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property.


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