Recall Election Order Goes Out

The Mono Supervisors unanimously voted to order an election to recall James Lovett from his elected position as Mono County Tax Assessor.

In December 2007, a recall petition with over 2,000 signatures was submitted to the County by proponent Dorothy Burdette. Clerk of the Board Lynda Roberts presented the certified petition to the board at Tuesday’s meeting and detailed the methodology for validating the over 1700 signatures that had been collected by volunteers. There were more than 300 signatures disqualified, but still more than the 1630 needed for a successful petition remained.

The supervisors had 14 days to order an election if they so desired, but without ado they accepted the language of the ordinance and voted to order the election.

“I don’t think we need any more input on this subject,” Mammoth’s Supervisor Tom Farnetti commented after the vote.

Supervisor Bill Reid concurred, “1700 signatures is all I need.”

County Counsel Marshall Rudolph explained the recall item will appear on the ballot in June regardless of what happens from here, including the distant possibility of a Lovett resignation.

The recall will require a simple majority at the polls, which considering typical Mono County voter turnout, should be around the same number of people who signed the petition.

June’s recall item will likely feature a choice of candidates to fill the remainder of Lovett’s term, should the recall win a majority.

The supervisors praised Assistant Assessor Bob Musil at various times during 2007, but were unwilling to specifically endorse him as a candidate. The supervisors expressed their hope for an open election with numerous qualified candidates.

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