This month Readers Digest has published a story that features Bishop Public Works Director David Grah. In their section on Amazing Stories, Grah is featured for his help finding San Luis Obispo resident Charlie Hench, who was stuck in the High Sierra.

In late September of last year, Hench set out from Lake Edison on a solo backpacking trip across the Sierra. After an early storm covered the mountains in snow, Hench became disoriented at Italy Pass above Pine Creek, and headed down the wrong drainage. Hench slipped and fell, breaking his arm and badly cutting his face. With no way up or down, Hench set up his tent and waited.

When he didnt meet his ride at Pine Creek, Henchs friends called officials for help, which started up Inyo and Fresno County Search and Rescue teams. Henchs friends also geared up their own search effort. Bishop Public Works Director David Grah was a friend of a friend, but nonetheless took off in his plane to scope out Henchs route. Grah said he probably flew over the Sierra as far as Lake Edison. On the return trip to the Owens Valley, Grah checked out a spot where his brother had fallen years ago, near Mt. Julius Caesar. Sure enough, thats where Grah spotted Hench.

Hench was later picked up by helicopter and flown to Bishop Airport. He said he was very thankful to all who worked to find him.

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