Plan To Purchase Bishop City Park Moves Ahead Slowly

The effort to buy Bishop City Park from the City of Los Angeles continues, though slowly. In what could be seen as a tiny step forward, the City has received a letter from DWP stating that they plan to appraise the value of the City Park in February. bishop_park.jpg

An appraisal would give the Bishop staff a price to work from in negotiations to buy the facility.

City Administrator Rick Pucci has explained that the main reason that Bishop wants to buy the park from DWP is to achieve autonomy from LA when it comes to improvements at the park.

Like the lease situation at Bishop Airport, the City of Bishop often has to get a lease extension in order to get grant money. At one time Bishop almost lost a 200,000 dollar grant for the tennis courts because of the time it takes to get a lease extension from DWP.

Pucci says that buying the City Park would be good for both Bishop and Los Angeles because Bishop would get control of the property and LA would get rid of the property and the hassles that come along with it.

While Pucci has been working on the plan for years, he says that with this latest step, he thinks the purchase of the park may wrap up in a relatively short period of time.

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