New animal shelter goes up

Photos by Lisa Schade

Photos by Lisa Schade

It’s happening. The new Inyo County Animal Shelter project is going up. Ted and Lisa Schade

Conceptual image of new animal shelter

Conceptual image of new animal shelter

of ICARE have shared photos of the new walls and other improvements currently going up on the site outside Big Pine.

It was in July that the Inyo Supervisors awarded the low bid to Rudolph Construction for nearly $700,000. The organization of ICARE agreed to provide $416,000 and the County – $375,000. At that time, Mr. Schade said the ICARE portion of the donation included $25,000 from a Lions and Rotary Clubs spaghetti dinner fundraiser.

animalshelter3ICARE President Schade said that nearly 20 years earlier the group recognized the need for a new facility. The old shelter was built as a milk barn at the county farm in the 1920s and was never intended to be used as a shelter for companion animals.

The new shelter will house about 40% more dog kennels and cat cages with outdoor areas for the pets, feeding and grooming rooms and a comfortable space for the public and county staff. Completion of the new building was set for December.

Schade had also said that by “providing a center for both pets and people that will be more spacious, more comfortable and more efficient, the dogs and cats will be better cared for and the public will have a Pet Adoption Center that we can all be proud of.”

Here is a link that includes photos by Lisa Schade of the new facility going up –

4 Responses to New animal shelter goes up

  1. Wayne Deja October 19, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    Desert Tortoise….They do!!…It’s called the “rainbow bridge”….Google it….When you go to Heaven,your pets and I think the animals you cared about, and maybe cared for in your life are there to greet you,and be with you during the next journey….I even talked to a Pastor about it,and he said for those in life on Earth that had pets they felt as close to as actual family members…in some cases even closer…thats the way God would want it to be.When it’s time,The people that run the Inyo animal shelter better hold on to the rails of that bridge,because it will be one heck of a furry greeting they’ll be getting !!

  2. Desert Tortoise October 19, 2014 at 12:23 pm #

    I think people who love animals and care for them have a special place later on.

  3. Trouble October 17, 2014 at 10:40 pm #

    I had the privilege of meeting the young lady that ran this shelter several years ago. Thou things didn’t work out perfect for me, this young lady made a lasting impression on me that to this day I will always admire. Inyo county is lucky to have such caring people run this joint!!!!

  4. Philip Anaya October 17, 2014 at 5:36 pm #

    Great progress , great News Report , great Pics from L. Schade on Facebook and the good things and good deeds going on in Big Pine. Time to start thinking about the next great need and the next great Community development project for the Inyo.


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