Mural Society Moves On

The recent destruction of one of Bishop’s historic murals to make way for building improvements has raised questions about the future of the other 22 murals and any new projects. Mural Society members say they will address this.

The past murals involved raising as much as $30,000 per mural and securing a sizeable outside or inside wall. A tour of the murals brings tourists to Bishop. So, how to protect this investment?

Bill Goodman of the Bishop Mural Society said that the group will call a meeting, get legal information and learn how to protect public art. Goodman said they will present their findings to the Bishop City Council to make them aware of the importance of protecting what the City has.

Famous muralist John Pugh heard about the loss of Bishop’s mural and pointed to the federal law called Visual Artists Rights Act which requires notification to the mural owner prior to destruction.

In the case of the Bishop mural, business owner Karen Schwartz did notify the mural society before taking out a section of the mural.

Bishop Mural Society members say they do plan to seek future protections and to come up with new projects and members for the future.


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