Mono Voters- Check Your Absentee Ballots

After finding three incorrect absentee ballots, Renn Nolan with the Mono Clerks Office asks voters to make sure they have the right ballots.mono_courthouse_10-08.jpg

Nolan asks that if you are a voter in the Mammoth Unified School District who plans to vote absentee, check to make sure that Measure K, the bond measure for new school facilities, is on your ballot. Also make sure that you have the option to vote in the school board election.

Staff at the clerks office have corrected the issue on the three ballots that they know of, but to be sure they are asking that people check their absentee ballots.

If you are in the Mammoth Unified School District and you dont have the option to vote on the school board or the school bond, call the Mono Clerks Office at 932-5534. Absentee ballots need to be turned in by Election Day.

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