Mono Grand Jury Report Addresses Complaints

The latest Mono County Grand Jury Report responds to several citizen complaints. Two complaints were pointed at law enforcement, but the Grand Jury backed up the lawyers and officers.mono_courthouse.jpeg

One of the gripes asked the Jury to look into the Mono District Attorneys dismissal of an assault case. The Jurys report says the alleged assault took place on June 2nd of 2007. The District Attorneys staff looked into the case and determined not to pursue charges for a number of reasons.

The Law Enforcement Committee of the Grand Jury concluded that the District Attorney acted properly and within the discretion of the Office of the District Attorney in the resolution of this matter, and further, that the District Attorneys office made several good faith attempts to communicate to the complainant with respect to this matter. The Grand Jury decided no further investigation was necessary.

The Report also stated that in the DAs efforts to communicate with the complainant who left a message with the DAs office that said they should not leave messages and you know what my next step is.

So, thats the end of that issue.

The other law enforcement complaint pointed at the Mammoth Lakes Police Department and alleged that officers violated the rules for search and seizure and the collection of evidence. The Jury Report does not reveal what case was involved.

But, Jurors did say that they found police are fully trained and benefit from ongoing training in regard to search and seizure policies.

The Grand Jury found the training procedures appear to be adequate and that they could find no evidence of wrongdoing by police.

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