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Mammoth Lakes, CA – For only the 2nd time in its history, the Mono County Grand Jury has filed an interim report for the community’s benefit and information. The report can be seen at the Mono County Court’s website:

The Mono County Grand Jury (GJ) is seated from July to June, annually. The 2017-18 GJ is pleased to share with its fellow citizens its midterm accomplishments, as evinced by the report. “We are a group of citizens charged with being the ‘watch-dogs’, if you will, of our government’s fiscal oversight, processes, staff and officials,” stated Deb Pierrel, Foreperson. “It is our duty to respond to citizen complaints or concerns that fall under our purview and examine county and town government and special districts to ensure that their duties are being lawfully carried out in the best interest of our community.” A 2nd; final report with ongoing inquiry investigations will be issued at the end of this GJ’s term in June.

The GJ is composed of citizens from Mono County. Grand Jurors are officers of the Court but work as an independent body. They are charged with the above noted oversight through investigations, addressing concerns and to make suggestions for improvements. The community however, is the key to ensuring the actualities of the GJ findings are followed through with, by viewing the reports issued by the Grand Jury.

There was no Grand Jury for fiscal year 2015-2016 due to lack of recruitment and citizen participation. The current GJ hopes this will change. “Participation in the Grand Jury has been a really wonderful experience,” stated Juliana Olinka-Jones of Mammoth Lakes. “The people I’ve met and the work we’ve done has been very satisfying and I highly recommend participation in this important facet of community oversight.”

Historically, the recruitment of members has been untimely and difficult for court staff. This year’s GJ have taken steps to rectify that for the future, including garnering County funds for recruitment, including ads.

The County needs you to participate. Members are reimbursed for travel and the group decides amongst itself the best meeting times. Committees operate the same way. The time commitment is not huge, but the responsibilities are serious. It is a wonderful way to become involved in government oversight.

For more information on the Grand Jury and how you can participate, please visit or

Call Hector Gonzalez Jr., Court Executive Officer at (760) 923-2330

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