Mono Court: Hearings and Trials Ahead

Mammoth Police carefully investigated and arrested a San Jose man at Lakanuki Bar late one night. That man has now posted bail and is pending a court arraignment.

28 year old Michael Louis Galindo of San Jose faces charges of possession of and transportation of marijuana. The District Attorney’s office said that Galindo, who was in the Bridgeport jail under $20,000 bond, posted bail and will appear for an arraignment later.

Police said they smelled a strong odor of green, or unsmoked, marijuana when they walked by Galindo in the bar. They checked out the parking garage which, officers said, led to seeing Galindo get a backpack out of a particular car. A later search, they said, produced more than 4 more pounds of marijuana added to the pound in the man’s backpack.

In other court cases, 28 year old Alfonso Mata of Bridgeport faces a charge of rape. The victim is a long-time local woman. Currently, Mata is scheduled for trial February 19th.

Another jury trial is set for January 22nd for 22 year old Casey Raczkowski, who faces a charge of auto burglary in Mammoth Lakes. Authorities alleged that the man broke into a car and stole CDs and camera equipment.

Yet another man, Bruce Beatty, will go to trial April 28th for a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. It is alleged that he stabbed a man in the vicinity of the condominium project where he was staying.

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