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rotaryUPDATE – The Rotary Club is looking forward to hosting this Forum. Details about the event and format follow.

The Forum will be in Mammoth Lakes Suite Z in the Minaret Mall and will start at 5 PM on Wednesday, April 30th.  It will be televised on the Mammoth Government Channel and available afterwards through the Mammoth Lakes’ website.
Time constraints:  Each candidate will be allotted a 3 minute opening and closing statement in addition to 3 minute answers to four questions asked by the moderator – 18 minutes total.  After answering each question, a candidate may chose to use any remaining time to address other issues of their choosing.  Remember, please, that 3 minutes time limits will be strictly followed.
5-6 PM County Assessor
Barry Beck
Bob Musil
6-7 PM Sheriff
Ingrid Braun
Ralph Obenberger
7-9 PM Supervisors
Stacy Corless
Greg Eckert
Larry Johnston
Bill Sauser
Kirk Stapp

As Mono County voters ponder their choices in the June election, candidates forums give them something of an inside look at those who want to win public office. Another forum, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Mammoth Lakes, will unfold Wednesday at 5pm in Suite Z of the Mammoth Town Offices. County candidates will appear for questions.

The Lee Vining Chamber of Commerce hosted the last forum of County candidates. Observers at that event commented on some tough questions put to Sheriff Ralph Obenberger and his involvement in two employee terminations that were overturned, as well as an arrest by his officers later disallowed in court.

Those in the audience said Sheriff Obenberger blamed the County Counsel’s office for matters in the case of Jon Madrid and Dick Luman. In the case of the man stopped for driving under the influence, whose car was then searched by his deputies, Sheriff Obenberger said he stands behind his men. Judge Mark Magit had thrown out evidence obtained by the officers. The Sheriff has been quoted as saying he would do nothing different in all three legal cases.

More questions expected Wednesday for Sheriff candidates Ralph Obenberger and Ingrid Braun, Assessor candidates Bob Musil and Barry Beck, Supervisor District 1 candidates Larry Johnston and Bill Sauser and Supervisor District 5 candidates Stacy Corless, Greg Eckert, and Kirk Stapp.

For those unable to attend the forum in person, it will be broadcast on Cable Channel 18 and webcast on the Town of Mammoth Lakes website. The forum will remain on the website for later viewing.

The format for the forum includes candidate statements and answers to questions selected by the Rotary Club forum team.

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