Mississippi Man Ordered to Undergo Evaluation

In recent court proceedings, 49 year old Charles Wesley Marks, formerly of Mississippi, entered a plea of no contest for felony auto theft.

More than a month ago, Bishop Police responded to a report of a truck stolen from in front of a business. Officers from several agencies chased and stopped the truck and driver. Officers said Marks jumped out of the truck and pulled a knife, saying police would have to kill him. A deputy tazered him and arrested Marks.

Marks originally faced charges of felony auto theft, felony evading officers, misdemeanor brandishing a weapon and resisting arrest.

Court spokesmen said that in April it is expected that Marks will be referred to a corrections facility for a 90 day diagnostic evaluation. Marks claims he is a drug addict. After the diagnostic, Marks will return to Inyo for sentencing.

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