MCWD Priorities for Mammoth Water

Develop water services. Tend to the environment. The annual goals of the Mammoth Community Water District Board could boil down to those two sentences.mammothcreek.jpeg

More specifically, they decided to develop and promote efficient use of available water and wastewater resources to meet current and future needs of the town, to remain sensitive to the environment and environmental review regulations, to watch finances, to keep costs to customers reasonable, to communicate with the public, to develop emergency responses.

One important project from the past year – recycled water which will eventually replace pumped groundwater with reclaimed wastewater for golf course irrigation. Officials noted that the district did build a distribution line to the two golf courses in Mammoth. Work on this project continues this year.

In 2008, the Water District replaced 2600 feet of old steel pipeline. This replacement project continues in 2009. A new water storage tank went in off Old Mammoth Road and increases water storage capacity by 1 million gallons.

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