MCWD conducting sewer rehabilitation

News release

Sewer Rehabilitation Project in Mammoth Lakes Starting in Mid-September
Annual Sewer Maintenance Program Prolongs Utility of Pipes

The Mammoth Community Water District maintains about 78 miles of sewer line to serve its customers.

This month, about 1.25 miles of sewer pipe will be upgraded to improve its structural integrity. This annual maintenance work will use a trenchless technology that inserts a lining into the pipes through existing manholes. Once the lining is inserted, it cures in place to produce a watertight, smooth surface that increases the lifespan of the pipes and reduces root intrusion. The work will start on September 10th and finish by the end of the month. Sancon Engineering from Huntington Beach will be conducting
the work.

What to Expect:
 Traffic in work zones may be limited to single lanes or temporarily halted to accommodate equipment and protect crews.

 Crews will be working between 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

 Areas and streets affected by the sewer lining project include: North St.; Connell St.; Madera St.; Sherwin St.; the Easement from Sherwin St to Owen St.; Owen St.; Alexander Ln.; Shadow St.; and the Easement behind the houses on Hidden Valley Rd.

 If the project requires access onto your property, you will be notified via door hangers. You may be requested to reduce your water and sewer use for a short time during the curing process.

 A strong odor may be noticed as the liner is being inserted into the pipe.
The Mammoth Community Water District requests that drivers reduce their speed, drive cautiously and watch for traffic control signs and personnel in work zones. If you have questions about the project, you may call the Water District at (760) 934-2596.

About Mammoth Community Water District
MCWD provides water and wastewater utility service to the Town of Mammoth Lakes and surrounding areas. MCWD strives to provide reliable, affordable utility service to our customers and to conduct our operations in a manner reflecting our stewardship role. We encourage our customers to practice responsible use of our limited water resources, and to take advantage of the information and services available to support this goal.



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