Help Keep Mammoth Lakes “Fatberg” Free This Holiday Season!

Press release

The Mammoth Community Water District is asking all of its customers to help keep the community safe from sewer backups by keeping fats, oil and grease (FOG) from entering drains. With the busy holiday season around the corner, the District wants to remind customers of correct kitchen practices to prevent clogging of
sewer lines.


Sewer line in Mammoth starting to accumulate grease.

Grease solidifies as it cools. This solid grease builds up on the inside of sewer lines, which attracts other debris and eventually causes blockages. Known as “Fatbergs”, these large masses of solid waste consist primarily of congealed fat.

“The District is working to implement a FOG Control Program which seeks to reduce the FOG entering the sewer system from Food Service Establishments in Town,” says Betty Hylton, MCWD Project Specialist, “but the impact from residential homes can be substantial, especially during the holidays when customers are preparing large meals and holiday treats.”

In addition to FOG concerns, flushable wipes should NOT be flushed down the toilet. These disposable wipes are clogging pipes and pumps because they do not disintegrate. Only toilet paper should be flushed.

By following the Best Management Practices below, customers can help prevent sewer backups from ruining their holiday plans.
 Never pour grease down the drain!

 Scrape food from dishes into the trash prior to rinsing.

 Remove oil and grease from cooled dishes, pans, fryer and griddles by scraping or wiping off
excess oil and grease.

 Minimize or stop use of garbage disposals.
Sewer line in Mammoth starting to accumulate grease.


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