Man Pleads to Molestation Charges

In May, Mammoth Police arrested 64 year old Fullerton resident, James Neil Amsberry, for allegedly fondling the genitals of a teenage victim. Amsberry has now pleaded to two charges surrounding this incident.

According to the Police, the teenage victim reported talking to the suspect at a local business, when the suspect became sexually aroused by touching the victim. MLPD reports that as soon as the victim could break contact, Amsberry’s alleged behavior was reported and employees of the business detained the suspect until the Police arrived.

At the time of the arrest police did say that Amsberry was not registered as a sex offender in California. Assistant District Attorney Todd Graham reports that Amsberry has now pleaded to two counts of molestation of a child aged 14 or 15. Graham reports that the two counts reflect different aspects of the same incident.

Amsberry has to undergo psychological evaluation before he is sentenced, according to Graham.


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