Mammoth’s Wildlife Committee Goes Public

The Mammoth Lakes Town Wildlife Committee is scheduled to hold an open public meeting Wednesday. That’s news in a couple of ways.

This open meeting follows on the heels of the dust-up over what used to be known as the Wildlife Subcommittee. As angry controversy escalated over bear issues, the subcommittee met in secret. Earlier this fall, there were concerns that the closed meetings were in violation of the Brown Act rules for open government meetings. Citizens pointed out that two parallel agendas seemed to develop – one in open and one in secret.

In October, Town Attorney Peter Tracy advised the Town Council that the meetings, in his opinion, should be open to the public.

Wednesday, the Wildlife Committee was scheduled to hold a public meeting. On the agenda, a review of the 2009 wildlife season, appointment of a chair and a vice chair, changes in Call for Service Documentation Methods, and other issues.

The meeting was scheduled to start at 10:00 am in Suite Z, the Town Council Chambers, upstairs at the Minaret Village Shopping Center.


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