Mammoth Town Officials Plead for Trash Control

(Town officials requested that we post this letter that went out to Mammoth Lakes business and property owners. They hope to pre-empt bigger trash issues as bear season gets underway.)






April 3, 2008

Dear Property Owner / Business Owner:

The Town of Mammoth Lakes is asking for your help in mitigating trash dumpster violations throughout Town. Open dumpsters, overflowing dumpsters, and inadequate levels of trash service contribute to trash and litter related problems in Town and create an unnatural food source that is very harmful to our wildlife.

The problems caused by open and overflowing dumpsters can be minimized by ensuring that your tenants, employees, customers, and guests close and secure dumpster lids by using bear-resistant locking mechanisms. Mammoth Disposal is available (760-934-2201) to repair damaged and/or inoperable bins and bear-resistant locking mechanisms. In addition, Mammoth Disposal can:

– Upon notification, respond in 48-72 business hours for all dumpster & locking mechanism repairs.
– Make available new bins that automatically lock when closed (available by priority basis in June 2008).
– Replace counter-balance locking mechanisms with carabineer locking mechanisms.

Please know that public education has always been the preferred method of working with property/business owners with respect to proper refuse disposal techniques. Although generally successful, public education efforts alone do not completely eliminate dumpster code violations. With the Town Councils support, the Town has stepped up code enforcement efforts the past two years in relation to dumpster spills. Specifically, the following code provisions will continue to be the focus of our efforts:

Section 8.12.020 Disposal Restrictions
Section 8.12.180 Collection from Commercial and Industrial establishments
Section 8.12.250 Spillage of garbage prohibited
Section 8.12.290 Use of unauthorized bin prohibited

Enforcement of these codes consists of an initial warning to educate and achieve voluntary compliance. Repeat violations will result in a citation and fine up to $500 per day. Some helpful suggestions to mitigate dumpster related spills include:

(1) All employees, tenants, and guests should be educated and notified of proper trash disposal techniques including closing and locking the bins after each use. Further, please consider a combination lock for your bin or move your bin further back onto your property if you are concerned about illegal dumping.

(2) Property owners or property managers should inspect their properties on a daily basis. Appropriate service levels must be maintained to ensure dumpsters can be closed and locked at all times. More service is needed if a bin is overflowing and cannot be closed days before the next pickup.

(3) Absentee property owners should consider hiring a local property management service and require that they inspect properties on a daily basis for garbage spills. If you bin has a broken locking mechanism, please report immediately.

(4) Remind your tenants that leaving furniture, mattresses, and appliances on the street is prohibited by code. These items need to be taken directly to the Mammoth Disposal Transfer Station.

Again, the Town is asking for your cooperation and assistance in the above matters. Please know that Town Clean Up Day is Saturday, May 17th – a great opportunity to clean up your property or business!


Human Resources and Risk Management Director

Cc: Mammoth Lakes Town Council; Town Manager Robert F. Clark; MLPD; Mammoth Disposal

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