Mammoth Town Ice Rink to Remain Closed

In Mammoth- town crews continue their work to get the ice rink back up and running. While staff had hoped the rink would be operational this weekend, that doesnt look like it will happen.

Last week a mechanical problem led to sloppy conditions at first. Then the ice rink was closed indefinitely. Problems circulating the coolant underneath the ice have lead to the closure. Town crews have replaced a faulty pump, but air in the lines that circulate the coolant has continued to cause problems.

Crews with Parks and Recreation along with Public Works have tested the pipes under the ice for leaks and have not found any, according to Town Spokesman Stuart Brown, but there is still air in the lines.

More fluid was brought in from Reno and pumped into the two miles of inch tubing under the ice to try to push the air out. So far the problem continues to vex the crews working to get the popular attraction back on line. Calls have been made to the manufacturer and another new pump has been ordered.

Hopes of having the rink running tonight are shot. Work is expected to continue through next week.


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