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Eastern Sierra News for June 19, 2024





mltc_7-07.jpgWhen the Mammoth Town Council last met, Fire Chief Brent Harper, recently back from a tour of the Tahoe fires asked the Council to throw their weight into lobbying for state and federal money to reduce the fuel load around Mammoth.

Of the 250 structures that burned in the Tahoe fires, most burned in the first four hours, Harper said. Mammoth is a long way from major help and once a fire is in the tree canopy there is virtually nothing that fire fighters can do about it, he said.

With an unprecedented level of built-up fuel around town, Harper asked for political clout to help pay for what he said could be a multi-million dollar project to reduce those fuels.

On another current controversy, Mayor Skip Harvey read aloud a letter from Mammoth resident Martin Kleinbard about the the bear that Fish and Game recently put down. Saying that former wildlife officer Steve Searles was very effective in controlling the bears and that most people would prefer not to kill another bear, Kleinbard asked that Searles and the Town bury the hatchet.

Searles had been fired from the Police Department when he asked to be paid to start an anti-crime and anti-methamphetamine program similar to the Dont Feed our Bears campaign.

Mayor Harvey asked staff to put a discussion of the Mammoth bears on the agenda for the next Council meeting.