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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





An understandably proud father in Mammoth Lakes – Rick Phelps, Executive Director of High Sierra Energy Foundation in Mammoth Lakes. Rick said that after graduation his son, Patrick, decided to fulfill a longtime dream of becoming a soldier in the US Army. Patrick opted for Infantry, Airborne and then Ranger options.

Last week the Phelps family traveled to Fort Benning for Patrick’s basic/infantry graduation. They also found that Patrick was front page news in the Columbus, Georgia, Ledger-Enquirer.

The newspaper story told how Patrick Phelps had taken the lead to help accident victims in a very serious head-on collision 100 miles north of Las Vegas in early January. Three died and seven were injured in that wreck.

Rick Phelps said he was impressed at the Army’s training of his son who responded to the accident with rescue expertise. The newspaper account spoke of the severely injured and dead at the scene. He engaged in first aid, CPR and much more.

Rick emailed his son’s commander about the accident, crediting his son’s ability to respond to his Army basic training. Patrick received the Army Commendation medal for “distinguishing oneself by heroism, meritorious

(Photo from Ledger/Enquirer)

achievement or meritorious service.” This medal often goes to officers, so for a young man right out of basic training it was a major honor.