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Eastern Sierra News for June 16, 2024





A San Diego woman, caught on surveillance tape in two Mammoth Lakes stores, now finds herself in the Mono County jail in Bridgeport.
34 year old Susan Jane Jackson was arrested after Mammoth Police viewed store videos and said they saw her taking several items and leaving without paying. Last Sunday, police responded to a call from the Lingerie Lounge where a store video, officers said, captured a female suspect taking things. An employee later reported finding the suspect in the Lakanuki Bar. Police responded and also learned from Starbucks that the same suspect was seen stealing an item earlier in the day.

Police said the suspects boyfriend gave officers permission to search their car. Police said they found stolen property from the Lingerie Lounge, Starbucks and the Bass Outlet.

Police then checked out an earlier theft at the Tonik store. They said they saw the same woman on the store video. Officers also said that the suspect, Susan Jackson, later admitted to stealing items from all four stores.

Jackson was arrested on four charges of commercial burglary and put in jail.

Police highly recommend video surveillance for both crime prevention and investigation of criminal activity. Some systems actually allow owners to see what is happening in their stores from home over the internet.

In other criminal activities reported, Mammoth Police responded to a two-car collision. The driver of one of the vehicles was arrested for felony driving while intoxicated and driving on a suspended license. 19 year old Fortunato Fierro-Felix of Mammoth Lakes was arrested and driven to jail.

In a third incident, two snowboarders said they saw someone steal one of their boards. They cahsed the suspect and recovered the snowboard. MMSA personnel arrived and held the suspect for police. Officers searched the suspects car and found a second stolen snowboard. Arrested and charged with grand theft and possession of stolen property was 18 year old Jeffrey Joseph Silva of San Diego.