Mammoth News Briefs: Housing, Music, Travel News

Have a view on how affordable housing should work in Mammoth Lakes? Mammoth Housing, Inc. wants to hear from you. The group will put together a local Community Housing Strategy. Along these lines, Mammoth Housing wants to hear your opinions next Monday, February 2nd between 9am and 6pm at the Mammoth Housing office on Old Mammoth Road. If you're into iPODs, Mammoth Housing says you might win a free iPOD if you attend one of their meetings and fill out a survey. For more info, call 934-4740.

felici_trio.jpgMusic lovers – make plans to attend Chamber Music Unbound's performance Saturday. They call it The Food of Love, featuring the Felici Trio with guest pianist Jee-Won Oh. Saturday at 7:30pm at the Mammoth Lakes College Campus. Music by Mendelssohn, Haydn and Paul Schoenfield. Tickets available online at and at Access Art and Business Center in Mammoth or Ionyo Council for the Arts in Bishop. Tickets also at the door.

Some hopeful news from the Town of Mammoth. Tourism and Recreation reports that in a survey by and, people ranked travel second only to dining out as the leisure activity they are trying to afford. Two-thirds of those surveyed said they will lower their travel expenses but are more likely to cut back on other areas first – including cars, clothes, electronics and gadgets.

The Travel Industry Association forecasts the number of travelers will go down by 1.3% from 2008. Their nationwide survey shows nearly 72% of U.S. adults plan to take a trip within the next six months.

More interesting stuff on travel – surveys show that a hefty percentage want to travel to national parks. Others to environmentally friendly resorts, and others want to travel to eat.

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