Mammoth Lakes Cuts Back Water Use

In Mammoth Lakes, groundwater levels have gone down, surface water looks skimpy, and some wells have issues. Add it all up and it equals much tougher water use restrictions in town.

The Mammoth Community Water District Board met Thursday to talk about this. Level 1 water restrictions were last used in the dry year of 1992. Because of this year’s exceptional drought and conditions on and under the ground, the Water Board did vote unanimously to start Level 1 water restrictions, effective Monday, July 30th.

Level 1 restrictions to include this:

* No outdoor watering between the hours of 10am and 5pm.
* If your address is an even number, you water only on Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
* If your address is an odd number, water only on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.
* No outdoor watering for anyone on Wednesday.
* Drip systems and hand watering are exempt from these rules.
* General construction can use either fire hydrant meters or reclaimed water.
* Operators of golf courses, parks and playing fields must submit a water conservation plan.
* No one can hose down driveways, sidewalks, parking areas or decks.
* Can’t wash off your vehicles, motorbikes, boats except with hoses designed with an automatic shut-off device.
* No new lawn allowed.

There are penalties – fines and flow restrictors. For more details call Mammoth Community Water District at 934-2596.


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