We had reported in mid-May that the State had conducted a surprise inspection of Mammoth Hospital with full details pending. A lot of details are still unknown, but the hospital did issue a brief press release.mammoth_hospital.jpg

That release says that Southern Mono Healthcare District participated in four unannounced surveys by the California Department of Public Health in May. Officials said that the "focus of the surveys was to review the hospital and its practices, Life Safety (which are the building systems within the hospital) and a review of the Pharmacy and new regulations regarding the use of certain medications."

The press release says that the State Department of Public Health "identified a number of opportunities for improvement, and the hospital will receive a written report in the next few weeks." Officials said that some examples of problems include the signing and dating of chart notes and jupdating policies for high risk medications.

Once the state report is received, the hospital will have 60 days to implement any changes that are required. Officials maintain that patient care was never compromised.

Lea Brooks, a spokesperson for the State Department of Public Health, told us that when the State completes its investigation of Mammoth Hospital, a report will go public. They said that possibly in two weeks, more information will become available.

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