Mammoth Citizen Calls for Town Budget “Over Haul”

Mammoth’s Town budget has raised eyebrows and public debate. At the first budget workshop last week, Councilman-Elect Rick Wood said the budget needs change to make it readable and clear to the public. This week, Deb Pierrel of Mammoth mltc_6-16Lakes wrote a letter to Town Council members with the same message. She calls for a “budget overhaul”.

Pierrel criticized the budget’s structure, format and process. She asks the council members to “take a step back, re-evaluate and dramatically change our budget, the clarity and transparency of it, the process in which it is created, and the format.” Pierrel said she has observed of the years that the Town budget is “dysfunctional. It is not clear, concise, transparent, or easy to read and understand.”

She points to the town Council election and campaign talk about the budget. As Rick Wood did, Pierrel points to the Park City, Utah “Citizens Budget” designed for easy comprehension by members of the public.

Pierrel lists supporters of her view as Jim Demetriades, Ward Jones, John Vereuck, Tom Cage, Joyce Turner, Maggie Thompson and Dr. Craig Schraiger. More at the Council meeting workshop at 5pm tonight in Suite Z.

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