LADWP News: Bad Reservoirs, Union Complaints

LADWP in the news in Southern California. Seems that the union that represents workers at DWP has started to send copies of a DVD to voters. The DVD says LA's water and power infrastructure is "on its last leg." dwp.jpg

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union Local 18 represents 8,000 DWP employees. The union mailed the 8 minute video and a letter urging ratepayers to contact the Mayor and City Council about the problems. Reports say the union wants DWP to hire more people and improve equipment.

DWP Commission Chairman Nick Patsaouras was quoted as saying that he thought DWP and the union had reached agreement on issues.

The LA Times writes that the flurry of DVD mailings coincided with the arrival of new DWP General Manager David Nahai. The DVD argues that the LADWP electrical and water systems may not be able to cope with future heat waves and a growing population, not to mention earthquakes.

In other DWP news, the Associated Press reports that two reservoirs that supply drinking water to parts of LA have been shut down and will be drained. Seems a rare sunlight and chlorine reaction tainted the water with a cancer-causing chemical, according to utility officials. This will mean the loss of 600 million gallons from the reservoirs which will be out of use for three to four months.

The chemical that contaminated all of that water is deemed dangerous only after long-term consumption. The water in the two reservoirs supply about the amount of water consumed in the entire city in one day. Wow. That's a lot of water. 600 million gallons per day.

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