Jeanne Standley of Mammoth Lakes has died

Jeanne spent countless hours volunteering for the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary

Jeanne spent countless hours volunteering for the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary

Another pillar of community service in Mammoth Lakes has died. Jeanne Standley was 92.  (See Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary statement below.)

Jeanne came to Mammoth Lakes some 44 years ago. In a Mercury News story in 2003 on Intrawest, Jeanne was quoted as lamenting the disappearance of the small town she had known for many years. The story said she ran the local laundromat in Mammoth Lakes when there were 600 residents in town.

Jeanne went on to co-found the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary and to devote years of service in that organization and others.

The December 12th edition of the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary newsletter reported that Standley had suffered a stroke December 14th and was airlifted to Renown Hospital in Reno.

Friends now report that Jeanne Standley passed away on Christmas Eve.

Jeanne is the third long-time community servant to have died in 2012. In July, Ellie Randol and Irene Molloy died. They had both served for many years in the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary, Cast Off thrift store of the Auxiliary and in other capacities.

Jeanne Standley

May 26, 1920 – December 24, 2012

It is with great sadness that Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary must say goodbye to a beloved member, Jeanne Standley, who passed away on December 24, 2012.

Jeanne was one of the original founders of the Auxiliary.   During the last 44 years, she was a constant member on our Board of Directors and held nearly every office.  She volunteered well over 1,000 hours a year and was recently awarded her 25,000-hour pin.   She was a regular volunteer at The Cast Off, a liaison to Mammoth Hospital, as well as a volunteer at the hospital.  In January 2012, she was recognized with the honorary title of President Emeritus for her years of service and support to Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary.

Jeanne was an institution in our town and was known by nearly everyone. She will be sorely missed by all our members, as well as the community of Mammoth Lakes.

Judy Bornfeld, President

Mammoth Lakes Auxiliary

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Sierra Lady
Sierra Lady
10 years ago

One of the feistiest grand dames of this community. She always had that sparkle in her eyes whenever she smiled and never lacked for a witty comeback! What a lady!!

You will be missed so much, Jeanne.

B. Richter

selma Calnan
selma Calnan
10 years ago

I feel a personal loss with the death of Jeanne Standley. Those were great days of community involvement and she was one of real spark plugs of it all. ( She once confessed with a twinkle in her eye that she was a Democrat!–not a surprise to kindred spirits.) Sadly… Read more »