Inyo Supervisors: planning commission appointment, more on solar

inyo_courthouse.jpgPaul Payne of Lone Pine has, for many years, served in various public offices. He once sat on the Board of Supervisors and has recently filled the position of Planning Commissioner for District 5. He will now bow out, and another appointment is in line.

According to the Board agenda, Mr. Payne has asked to be replaced on the Planning Commission. Supervisor Matt Kingsley indicated that he received one request for appointment. That was from Jim Gentry of Lone Pine. If appointed, Gentry would serve a four-year term ending January, 2017.

Still more renewable energy discussions scheduled for Tuesday’s meeting at 1:30pm. This time, Planning Director Josh Hart scheduled talk about Inyo County Code Title 21 which was adopted in 2010 and uses the County’s police power to protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens, the environment, and public trust resources. It lays out regulations for solar and wind development with requirements to avoid or mitigate impacts. Developers are required to get a Renewable Energy Permit from the County or to enter into a Renewable Energy Development Agreement.

Under Title 21, all projects must be consistent with the County General Plan which only permits energy projects in the General Industrial Land Use classification. The agenda packet says planning staff wants to consider a Solar Overlay to avoid having to re-designate lands. Two projects – Northland Power outside of Independence and Munro Valley Solar near Olancha – are being processed and the staff wants direction on this issue.

Earlier, at 11am, the County Administrator will introduce two waste management issues. One of them involves what kind of equipment Inyo County needs to meet California Air Resources Board rules. The other issue involves illegal dumping prevention.

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