Inyo Public Defender Arrested for Second Time

Inyo Narcotics Agents arrested Inyo County Public Defender Gerard Harvey outside Bishop City Hall on Wednesday on suspicion of being under the influence.

After a drug test, officers said they took Harvey to the jail at Independence where he was later released with a citation to appear in court.

A few weeks ago, Bishop Police had arrested Harvey outside the City Hall courtroom for alleged under the influence. Because Harvey works closely in court with members of the District Attorney's office, the two cases against him have been referred to the Attorney General's office.

According to Inyo Narcotic Enforcement Team Commander Jeff Hollowell, An INET agent observed Mr. Harvey in the courtroom Wednesday and said he "showed objective symptoms of being under the influence." Hollowell said, "His behavior was not that of a normal person."

The INET Commander said Harvey voluntarily submitted to drug testing. Hollowell said the test showed Harvey was under the influence of a substance that was a "central nervous system stimulant." He said a more specific analysis would be performed by the Department of Justice lab.

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