In search of a loving home

PETS of the WEEK – January 25, 2012

catarellaARELLA is a big, beautiful Ragdoll-type cat with a luxurious silver tabby coat and hypnotic lime green eyes. Arella’s been at the Shelter for almost 3 months and we’re all praying she finds her perfect match. Cats belong in loving homes, not stainless steel cages.

dogpippaPIPPA is an easy-going, happy-go-lucky 1-year old Black Lab mix with a heart of gold. She’s been at the Animal Shelter since September 17—that’s over 4 months! Unfortunately, Shelter visitors often overlook black dogs, but we know Pippa is adoptable and haven’t given up on this sweet girl finding her forever home.

The Inyo County Animal Shelter has an amazing selection of adorable cats and lovable dogs. Please adopt one today. Visit in person on County Road in Big Pine or on-line at HOURS: Tuesday thru Friday, 10 am to 3 pm, Saturday and Sunday 11 am to 4 pm (closed Mondays). Phone 760-938-2715.
Photos by Lisa Schade of ICARE

3 Responses to In search of a loving home

  1. Dingo January 27, 2012 at 5:14 pm #

    If I only had a place of my own, I would most likely have as many dogs as town/city ordinance allowed.
    Anyone have a place for rent that would allow this?

  2. Wayne Deja January 25, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

    When we have these news stories in our little towns here in the Sierras, that are usually reserved for the bigger cities a lot of us wanted to get away from,the recent ones that leave us angry or shaking our heads…what a good time to see Lisa Schade and ICARE working hard to find homes for these animals…and The Sierra Wave for printing the photos and stories.

  3. Chris January 25, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    Please, someone loving, adopt Pippa. We adopted a black lab/border collie mix from the Big Pine shelter 7 yrs. ago and she’s the most loving, hilarious, sweet, funny and brilliant pet you can imagine! Her time was “almost up” and I couldn’t stand it, so I called to make sure she was still available. We visited the next day; she sat on my foot, put her head on my knee and looked into my eyes and my husband said, “I’ll go inside and do the paperwork”. Pippa looks to me like a small version of our “Lucky”. Adopt Pippa, play with her a lot, teach her to behave, give her plenty of exercise and love, and you will be rewarded a million times over!


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