ICARE Stitch fund helps injured lab mix

13070288231D290BEGrace is a darling 4-month old Lab mix puppy who was found in a ditch very frightened with a badly injured back leg. She was found by Todd Vogel of Bishop when he was running with his dog. The puppy got spooked and hobbled into a drainage pipe, so Todd took his dog home and returned to the scene with his wife, Chris Iversen. Todd crawled into the pipe and pulled the puppy out. Together, Todd and Chris got the puppy into their vehicle and took her to the Bishop Veterinary Hospital. The owner did come forward and said the pup must have fallen out of the their pick-up truck. They decided to relinquish the dog to Inyo County Animal Services who then contacted ICARE of the Eastern Sierra to see if the Stitch Fund would pay for Grace’s corrective surgery. As luck would have it, veterinary surgical specialist, Guy Tarvin, was scheduled to perform surgeries at the Bishop Vet Hospital that week. Grace had her corrective surgery at a cost of $1,390 and ICARE is asking the community to donate to the Stitch Fund to help pay her vet bill. You may make donations on-line at: www.ICAREforPets.org or you can mail your check directly to: ICARE Stitch Fund, P.O. Box 76, Bishop, CA 93515. If you need more info, call:760-872-3802. Thank you!
Lisa Schade
ICARE (Inyo/Mono Animal Resources & Education)
P.O. Box 76, Bishop, CA 93515

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  1. Desert Tortoise April 8, 2014 at 8:52 am #

    “The pup must have fallen out of his pick-up truck”. Sad, isn’t it. The guy didn’t even know apparently. Too many humans have no regard for their pets. Glad this one was found and will mend. A tip of the hat to Todd Vogel, Chris Iversen and Guy Tarvin for caring.

    Btw BK, any news on the pit bull mix service dog that bolted from the front seat of the SUV in Mammoth? Keep us informed of the progress of that search. Thanks.


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