Holiday Travel Enthusiasm? Medium

People all over California have thought once or twice before a decision to travel this holiday season. The Auto Club surveyed Californians to see what they will do for Christmas. The Club survey found that holiday travel this year will remain flat compared to a year ago. This could still bode well for the Eastern Sierra and Mammoth Mountain since the drive from Southern California is relatively short.

Generally speaking, the Auto Club finds that a lack of enthusiasm for holiday traveling comes from unprecedented high gas prices and an upsurge in travel expenses. 81% of holiday travelers plan to go via automobile. Airline ticket prices have gone up. Hotel rates have also gone up. The Auto Club says car rental rates have dropped.

Speaking of traveling, the Highway Patrol is expected to go into Maximum Enforcement mode for Christmas and New Years. Up to 80% of the CHP’s uniformed officers will be on the roadways, giving up time with their families in the work to keep the usually dangerous highways during holidays safer.

Their mantra: don’t drink and drive, don’t speed, always wear a seat belt, and buckle kids into child safety seats.

As for holiday weather – tough call right now. More storms are expected through this week which will set up the ski areas for winter visitors.

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