Grand Finale: Eastside Know-How series

Elizabeth Tenney, creator of the 2014 Eastside Know-How Series

Elizabeth Tenney, creator of the 2014 Eastside Know-How Series

9/30 – Grand Finale  “EASTSIDE KNOW-HOW” Series   FREE!

 Inspired by the TED “Ideas Worth Spreading” flash talks, the EASTSIDE KNOW-HOW: How to…” talks are windows into the lives of creative, self-reliant Eastern Sierra locals who have an abundance of talent, determination, experience and expertise.

In just six minutes learn how to: “leverage Digital 395” (John Wentworth), “train for mountain warfare” (USMC Captain Dane Sagerholm), “survive Manzanar” (Stephen Kobayashi, M.D.), “SAR goes from call-out to search to rescue” (Jeff Holmquist),   “get a forward medical team to the heart of the next disaster—in 72 hours!” (David Page), “survive an avalanche” (Neil Satterfield),  “write the Eastside” (David Carle), “live where you work—when home is an art gallery” (Robert Joki), “live local and engage global” (Katharine Allen) and “win a Freeride Snowboard/Ski Competition” (Steve Klassen).

6:00 PM, Jimmy’s Taverna, 248 Old Mammoth Road. Doors open at 5:00 PM. Seating first-come, first-served. INFO: Jess Karell, Special Events Manager, The Sierra Nevada Resort & Spa, 760-934-2515, ext. 312.

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