Former marine goes on long ride to raise charity funds


Former Marine, Tim Tuomey, is on a mission.

Former Marine, Tim Tuomey, has plans for a long ride.  He wants to raise funds to help the nonprofit organization called Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  Tuomey will start out at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport on April 20th and ride his bicycle 3,335 miles to his old home base at Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina.

Keep an eye out for Tuomey.  He will talk to groups and individuals along his route .  Tuomey says 100% of funds raised go to the Marine fund.  He wants to raise $50,000.  So far he says he has collected $11, 544.  Tuomey said the Marine fund provides immediate financial support for injured and critically ill members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.  Money can go to post 9-11 Marines and Sailors, as well as members of the Army, Air Force or Coast Guard who serve in support of Marine forces.  The charity is located in San Diego.

Check out Tuomey’s latest press release on what he calls Operation Rolling Pig:

COMMANDERS INTENT: Commence Phase II of Operation Awakening

PHASE II:  Operation Rolling Pig


LAUNCH DATE: April, 20th 2012

STAGING BEGINS: April 16th 2012

NOTE:  Operation Awakening as of 4/20/12 will now be referred to as Operation Rolling Pig.

RTT Personnel (Regimental Touring Team):  Commanders Tuomey and Croudy (scroll down).

WARNING ORDERS:  Each U.S. Marine Corps operation begins with the issuing of orders by each troop leader to the men under his command. Warning orders are the most basic type of such initial orders, and are very common.

The command staff at Operation Awakening (me) is issuing a warning order to commence Operation Rolling Pig.  The reference “rolling pig” comes from all of my training rides with the Warthog.  The bike will be carrying 70lbs of gear plus H2o, pilot & navigator weight.  Needless to say the pig has gained a few pounds.  But its rolling weight…  Right?  Hence – Operation Rolling Pig.


Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MCMWTC)

Over the last few weeks I’ve been in contact with SgtMaj Kirkland over at the MCMWTC.  We’ve worked out the details and I’m on schedule to pedal off from MCMWTC on April 20th 2012 at 0900.  Once I leave the gate I’ll travel along the following route (PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE ROUTE OF TRAVEL).  I’ve also attached my travel schedule for you to view.  The schedule is based on me traveling 60 miles a day for 63 days.  Within those 63 days I’ve built in 8 days for rest, refit, meet and greet.  Total days of riding will be 55.  Also just so you understand – most bicycle tours of this length take approximately 60 days.  As an example, I like to refer to Karen Cooks trip report from her 67 day ride that was longer (3,737m) then my route (3,355m).  The RTT will begin staging (travel to eastern side of the Sierra) on April 16th, 2012.  Once in place we’ll execute a final gear sort, chow distribution and maintenance before planned launch date.



Between California and North Carolina I have a number of individuals and groups who have expressed an interest in riding along or have me stop by to do a meet and greet.  If you are reading this and have expressed an interested please take a look at the attached document outlining the Rolling Pig city dates.   As it stands right now I have ride shares meeting me in California, Missouri, Kentucky, and North Carolina.  Furthermore I have a number of Marine Corps Leagues requesting I stop by to visit them in their respective cities.  If you or your organization would like me to set up a visit or ride share please respond to this email after you review the attached itinerary.



I have mentioned many times my concern with crossing the Rockies in the spring time.  I’ll make Cedar City Utah on April 27th.  Just before that I’ll need to run through my weather projections for Utah and Colorado.  Based on a 8 day weather window I will determine whether the Warthog will continue on through Utah and Colorado or duck south to travel through Northern Arizona and Northern New Mexico.  If I take the Southern Hook it will allow me to travel at lower elevations and avoid snow.  Cold, rain and wind is ok…  But once the blacktop becomes white, the Warthog will not continue.  By taking the Southern Hook I can hopefully eliminate the issue of snow IF it becomes an issue in Cedar City Utah.   Also important to note, if I have to take this option it will only add 40 miles to my ride.  So no real changes to the schedule attached if I have to travel along this corridor.


If you have questions, concerns or need to follow up with me please feel free to reach out at any time.



Navigator:   Lt. Commander Croudy.



Semper Fi


Tim Tuomey

Operation Awakening

To benefit The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund (501 © 3)


[email protected]

Mi Wuk Village CA

HQ: 209-586-9443

CL: 415-218-8526

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Don Jardine
Don Jardine
9 years ago

Semper Fi and Gods Speed my Friend…

Big AL
Big AL
9 years ago


9 years ago

Good luck and God Speed on your journey.