Film Crews in Lone Pine Again

Once again the Lone Pine area will play a stand-in role for an exotic location as film crews arrive next week to shoot a movie called Dark

Tuttle Creek Road, outside of Lone Pine, is scheduled to be closedWednesday and Thursday as a film crew shoots a convoy travelling through what will be central Asia.

Inyo County Film Commissioner Chris Langley reports that the film crew will also shoot the convoy on Whitney Portal Road. Dark Skies is a Paramount Film. Langley says that about 125 people are scheduled to be in the area to work on this film.

Lone Pine residents should see a lot of filming action this week. Crews shooting a commercial for Choice Motels are also scheduled to be in the area. Langley reports that Tuesday and Wednesday, this crew is expected to shoot Main Street, the Alabama Hills, Diaz Lake and parts of Highway 190.

Film action in the pipeline includes a Japanese crew that plans to shoot a piece on motorized paragliders in April.

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