Ferris Wheel Needs a Home

Powered only by gravity and creativity, a homemade ferris wheel delighted many at the Tri- County Fair this year. Local woodworker Steve White built the one of a kind ride for fun but now needs to find a home for the machine he calls Over the Top. With a device that is as much art as it is an amusement park ride, finding a home for the machine has proved to be quite the task.

To enjoy Over the Top, riders climb up the bright yellow ladders to take their seats. When the ladders are removed, the riders shift their weight back and forth on the large balanced arm. As one person drops, the other heads up and the ride begins to turn.

White says that he took two months of full time to build the ride that so many were able to enjoy at the county fair this year. The idea had been mulling around in his head for while, but it was a sick friend who convinced him that he had to build the ferris wheel.

White has since gone back to work on his signature custom furniture, which also contains a healthy portion of art and fun, and has been looking for someone who could put over the top, to good use. White explained that he has contacted science museums and circuses, but liability and potential lawsuits keep all public entities from buying the homemade amusement park ride.

Despite the trouble finding a home for Over the Top, White says that the project turned out better than he had hoped and that he enjoyed having people ride his creation. For more information on the furniture of Steve White or to contact him about the ride, go to the website stevenwhitewoodworking.com.


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